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The app True Caller runs only on android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. It requires internet connectivity to run via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

TrueCaller is an app for smartphones that shows the users who are calling when they call, even if the caller is not in the user’s address book. It gives you information about callers who are beyond your address books like marketers and spam callers.

The app is becoming quite popular with dozens of millions of users. It is quite efficient in identifying and eventually blocking unwanted calls and in matching names and numbers.

User Interface:

TrueCallers works first and foremost as a super-powerful caller ID app. It tells you who is calling, whoever the caller might be and wherever they might be formed.

  • Most of them, it does the work without you having to do anything since it has a huge directory of the telemarketers and spam callers in your region and surrounding. In case of the unwanted caller calls, they will hear a busy tone on their end, while on your side, you will hear nothing.
  • TrueCaller allows you to search for any name or number. Just enter a number and you will get the name attached to it, also some other information like the phone carrier, and possibly a profile picture. It may not be accurate in certain cases but works out in many cases.
  • It works like a phone directory, but with more power. It gives you what the phone directory will not. This has brought up privacy concerns.


  • Record Phone Calls

The application called TrueCaller recently introduced call recording for all Android users, and it is the smoothest call recording app.

You can choose to record select calls manually or record all of them automatically. No worry about the space needed; TrueCaller will upload these recordings to your Google Drive account during the regular backup.

This call recording is currently available only on Android. The free version has a 14 day, trial, but you will need to upgrade to the paid version for unlimited access.

  • Back-Up Your Contacts and Call Lists

The app backs up contacts, call history, call logs, block list, and settings preferences. All of this is stored on your Google Drive account.

To restore it, install TrueCaller on a new phone, go to Menu- Settings-Backup and sign in with your Google Drive account. You will be prompted to restore your file, and TrueCaller will retrieve all your details.

  • Integrate with Other Apps

If you and your contact both use Google Duo for video calls, you can start a video call directly from Truecaller. It will take you to the Google Duo app, of course. But remember it on works on both Android and iOS, so you can use it across platforms.



  • Look Up Numbers With Your Camera

One of the coolest features of TrueCaller is its camera lookup. When you come across any number, whether on a piece of paper or a giant sign somewhere go to TrueCaller-Menu-Scan a Number.

It will activate the camera in a tiny window on the menu. Point the camera at the number, and in a jiffy, TrueCaller will show you the contact details.

  • Green and Red Dots, Call Me Back

Each TrueCaller user gets to set a status, triggered automatically. Green means they are available, while red means they are on a call. When you try to call someone who is already on a call, TrueCaller will give you a prompt. You can choose to call anyway or send them a “Call Me Back” request.

  • Get TrueCaller Pro For Free

This application sends an invitation to a friend who doesn’t, have TrueCaller, when they install it, both you and the friend TrueCaller Pro free for a week.

Pros and Cons


  • This app allows you to find a mobile phone location of the number in search.
  • The app also comes with a ‘Who viewed my profile’ functionally, so that you can keep a track on who is viewing your number.
  • The user can find the caller from the phone number. Similar to reverse phone lookup.
  • It allows you to block such spam numbers and report them to the TrueCaller database to mark it as spam so that others may also not suffer from this number.


  • Caller ID does not work in areas
  • TrueCaller requires an internet connection for it to work.
  • No guarantee of information security
  • It infringes on issues.




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