SnapChat App


Snapchat is a famous instant messaging application that allows the users to share stories and posts on the application available with multiple filters to apply for the images and numerous tools to edit the image.

The application developed to ensure the applicant’s security. It un allows anyone to screenshot other data and maintain privacy all the chats deleted after a particular period without user intervention.

Features of Snapchat Application

The features that associated with the Snapchat application

Provides Security for Data in Snapchat

Ensuring user security is the Snapchat application’s task, so it doesn’t allow anyone to screenshot the data posted in their story and posts. A notification of the person who screenshotted the post will send the admin to let them know who is interested in admin tasks.

Multiple Tools for Editing

I firmly say that no other professional tool required to edit the images as there are many made available in the Snapchat application. Some of the tools that help the most in editing are sharpening, enhancing clarity tools

Share Snap code

There is no need to follow the traditional process of searching names in the search bar to become friends. Instead, the users can connect on Snapchat, by a sophisticated procedure of sharing the snap code.

Customize Bitmoji

Set of Bitmoji collection available in the Snapchat application, and there is a possibility to customize the Bitmoji as per their requirements.  The customization can do on the type of hair, colour and physic

Unique Filters

The filters that available in the Snapchat application are unavailable in any other application. The available set of filters are unique and fun. One of the main reasons that applicants use the Snapchat application is the availability of the filters.

End-to-End Encryption for Data

All the messages and multimedia messages exchanged in the Snapchat application are encrypted using the end-to-end encryption algorithm. So, there is no access for the third parties to retrieve the data.

Snap Cash

The snap has a feature of snap cash to exchange the cash securely so that the applicants can exchange money securely by using snap cash.

Chat 2.0

Chat 2.0 is a feature that allows users to exchange multimedia messages as GIF, Photos, audio, video, and it also allows you to attend video conferences.

Travel Mode

A feature that suits the travel lovers is the travel mode by enabling the travel mode the users can save the memory as the application doesn’t download any snaps until requested.

Advantages of Snapchat Application

Proceed Audio, Video Calls for Free

The Snapchat application doesn’t charge any rupee for the audio and video calls. It’s all enough if the device connected to the internet connection.

Provides HD Quality

At audio calls, video calls the Snapchat application provides the user with HD quality. So, the Snapchat application helps the users to have a great experience at the times of audio and video calls also

Consists of Streak 

There is a streak feature in the Snapchat application, which is funnier than any other features. Two people can maintain a streak between then by sending and receiving at least one snap per day. So that there unleash some new stickers between them

Snap Map

The snap map features allow you to share your location with others and you can also one of your friends to send their location

Disadvantages of Snapchat Application

The downsides of the Snapchat application listed below

Can’t use Data Outside of Application

The images and videos captured in the Snapchat application are not allowed to make use outside of the Snapchat. There is no possibility to use the Data and to share them on any other platforms.

Limitation to Share Videos

The Snapchat application doesn’t allow the users to share long videos, only a video with a period of 60 seconds allowed to share and more than that can’t exchange between the users.


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