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It’s been a tough year but not for Signal application because it came through it on top. From the Social media platform, another messaging application had already achieved the mainstream into the customers. The Signal is on top today, in the very short time it crossed WhatsApp, Twitter and other chatting applications.

Are you excited to know behind the success of Signal application? Why is it clicked so fast into the Users? Then come with me in the same flow, I will let you know some very interesting features that the only Signal created while others fail in doing so. Let us go step-by-step procedure; it will help you to understand well regarding Signal application.


What is Signal Application?

Well. Like every messaging application, it is also end-to-end encryption. Through Signal you are permitted to send the messages and allow to receive from the same Signal. No one can access to see your Signal account not even the team of Signal because it is completely designed for user security protocol.


The application is meant for friends and family to cheat chats and the people who are working with sensitive responsibilities like Organizers, journalists. A signal is a privacy form all sides of its corners.


Disappearing Messages

The Signal application has the feature of warning the disappearing messages. If you received a disappearing message and want to have a record of it, then in such cases, you can use another camera and take a photo of your Signal screen before it disappears.

To the Disappearing messaging applications, set timers from any device you are available to use. It might be either Android, iOS, laptop or Desktops. Go to the chats an add allow the features of disappeared messages.

Terminate Signal History

Since the Signal application is secure, cleaning your chat history or calls history isn’t a necessary point to think about like other applications. But if you wanted to clean your application and wanted to have a clean start again or worried about giving your phone to others? In such scenario Go to Settings – Privacy – Clear History – Select Delete All.



Easy Access

Yes, friendly access for Laptop or Desktop, many keyboard shorts designed only for Signal application. All the keyboard shortcuts are mad only of MAC but inserted into all other devices in a very few days. The work is already is in progress.

Make Yourself Available 

With Signal, you can have both Audio and Video calls.

One- to- One Audio& Video calls

In mobile, select the icon shown in pencil format and choose the contact or give a phone number to the one who you wanted to have a call conversation. If you are using Signal on Desktop or Laptop, then enter contact number in the search bar. Click on the phone icon feature for either voice call or for the audio call. Want to hide in a video call? Then double-tap on the video camera to turn off the camera icon.

Group Audio & Video Calls

In Signal the group call is acceptable of 8 members, if you choose to have a group call then go and open a group chat with the people you want and select the video camera on, enjoy the high-quality group call. Hope you will definitely cherish by Signal.

Sticker Collection

The Signal application is absolutely serious about its privacy and keeping the information on a secure protocol, but when it comes to stickers, it is didn’t kept 100% need into it like giving them a uniqueness. Signal has very commonly use emojis. Open the Signal and tap on the area of the sticker that placed on the chatbox, from here; you can access the stickers that are available to use.

Realtime GIFs

Access GIFs in Signal too. While you chat, just tap on the plus option placed next to the message box, click on the GIF button and send the perfect Giphy that expresses your words. Giphy is the other term for cheat chatting instead of text format conversation.

Hence, these are the behind features that no one knows in Signal application, download it today experience the features, there are many more features hidden inside the Signal, travel to every single option and capture new features. To know about mobile applications, you can go through from here.



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