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I heard about the Shazam application from one of my friends, and I wanted to give it a trail, so after using it for a couple of months, I have to share this with everyone.

Do Shazam Worth the Hype?

From my perception, it’s worth more hype than it does, some of the reasons why a user love to make use of the Shazam application

  1. In-app Features of Shazam Application

The list of in-app features that associated with the Shazam application listed below

Available with Save Feature

The Music that available in the Shazam application is available to save so that the applicants can listen to that track even in the offline mode and there is no need of an internet connection to enjoy the Music

Bio of Artist

For the people who wants to know about the minimum details of the artist. So there is no need to google about the artist

Provides Official link of Music

If you wanted to but Music from the Shazam app then the application provides a direct link to that Music from the shopping websites as Amazon and others

Share Music

After listening to particular Music there available with a share option so that you can share that link to your friends or family and even there is a possibility to share other media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook

Displays Lyrics for Songs

For the music lovers shazam application nade life easy by providing the lyrics of the song at the times of playing the Music

  1. Integration of Shazam with Multiple Applications

Allows connecting to apple music and Spotify Music

Yay!! You read it right the Shazam application has integration with the apple music store and the Spotify music so that the applicant can enjoy the Shazam application from outside also as it has integrated

Shazam has in-built Siri from iOS 8

I thought it’s a joke, but after using it, I realized that the Shazam application has an in-built Siri so that it accepts all the commands that you pass top play, it provides accurate results.

Displays shazam Charts to show the familiarity of Music

How do you come to know the most famous songs on the internet? By googling right? This Shazam application provides the charts of famous Music by counting the shazam’s that a song gets and its search value.

How Navigation made Simple on Shazam Application?

To navigate on the Shazam application, the user can make use of the below simple steps

The Shazam application has three pages, and the easy way to navigate is as described below

My Shazam

This page consists of the user details, and the Navigation of the page can perform by swiping left from the home page

Discover Page

The Discover page has all the music albums that categorized as multiple folders, and the Navigation to this page can do by swiping to the right of the app

Shazam Button

The Shazam button is the main page in the Shazam application which also called as the Shazam homepage

How do User Get Benefited by Using the Shazam Application

Some of the unique pros that associated with the Shazam application that user can enjoy which are unavailable at any other music applications

  • Auto shazam recognizes background songs
  • Shazam visual recognition reads QR codes
  • There is the possibility to follow your favourite artist on Shazam

Technical Information of Signal Application

The additional information related to the signal application given below

Application Signal application
Developer Signal technology foundation

Signal messenger LLC

Initially Released On July 29 2014
Android Stable version 5.2.3
Android Stable version released on January 16 2021
Android Preview version 5.1.4
Android preview version released on January 10 2021
iOS Stable version 5.2.1
iOS Stable version released on January 18 2021
iOS Preview version
iOS Preview version released on January 8 2021
iOS stable desktop version 1.39.6
iOS stable desktop version released on January 19 2021
iOS preview desktop version 1.39.5-beta.1
iOS preview desktop version released on January 13 2021
Compatible With Web, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS 11.1 or later, Windows7, Android 4.4 or later
License Clients: GPLv3

Server: AGPLv3




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