ShareiT is a technology company which is founded in the year 2015 in April. Michael Qiu is the C.E.O of the company. This application can be used for transferring files, photos, videos, music, contacts, apps. The shareiT application can be used by windows, android, iOS for the files transfer. SHAREiT is available in 45 languages. It uses secure connection protocol and it has high transfer speed when compared to0 NFC, USB drives. ShareiT has more than 1.8 billion users all over the world in that 600 billion users are from India and Indonesia, monthly active users are more than 200 countries. This is one of the top 10 applications in google play for 10 years.

Procedure To Use SHAREiT For File Transfer:

This is a free tool that is available in the play store to download. The procedure to use SHAREit is as given below

Step 1: Open shareit application and select choose option

Step 2:  Choose which file you want to share

Step 3: Select next after choosing the file

Step 4: App will search for the device which is ready to receive the files

Step 5: Click on the receive button on PC

Step 6: You will receive files from the mobile device

While receiving the files you need to be connected with Wi-Fi, both the receiving and sending devices need to have wifi connectivity

Features Offered In SHAREiT

         The features of shareiT are being by ten million people all over the world in google play store. The top features of SHAREiT are discussed below.

  1. SHAREiT is faster than that of Bluetooth:

                   SHAREiT is two hundred times faster than Bluetooth. We know that shareit will transfer data between smartphones with a speed of 20 MB/s.

  1. SHAREiT Infinite Online Videos

                 SHAREit has a special feature in the user interface that is infinite online videos. The videos that are in shareit are available in both online and offline modes

  1. Discover Trending Music

                 SHAREit has a music feature that provides trending music to the users which are available in both online and offline modes. This feature provides users with thousands of curated playlists.

  1. SHAREit has integrated video and music player:

                SHAREit application is equipped with a built-in video and music player. The video player supports all the types of video formats as VLC without any issues. The music player has equalizer which provides the best music sound.

  1. SHAREiT Supports All File Format:

              People of shareit can share any type of file whether it’s a picture or video. It’s pretty useful to use SHAREiT for file transfer as it can share any type of file

  1. Platform Oriented:

              This SHAREiT application can be used on both android and iOS and iOS powered smartphone and the files can be shared between the different platforms.

Pros Of SHAREiT Application:

  1. By usi8ng shareit large files can be shared in less time between two devices which saves your time
  2. The user interface in shareit is very clean
  3. There is no need for cellular data and wifi at the time of transferring of files
  4. By using this app backup is easy
  5. There is more space available for users to access program
  6. Simple administration is available in this application
  7. Reduces the number of programs on a given network
  8. In help in maintaining consistency at the time of sharing files

Cons Of SHAREiT Application:

  1. At the time of sharing the files if it is not downloaded from a trusted source then it causes a risk of infecting our device with a virus
  2. This application will hang low memory devices
  3. There are some security problems
  4. This is in a way breaking copyrights law
  5. There is a chance of duplication of data
  6. They may occur data inconsistency


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