Opera Mini App

Opera mini is a browser that is of lite weight, which acquires only about 100mb of space in the device. There are more than 26 million users for the mini-opera browser. This web browser will load the pages that are required to reduce the usage of the internet. The web servers of opera mini optimize the pages that are requested, the responsiveness of the pages are very high and faster. On using this browser, the web page that you require can save to read it for later, and there is an availability to make use of speed dials the procedure to add speed dial is to press +in the homepage with the URL of the website.

The latest version of the mini-opera browser is 65.0.3467.78 for desktop and 55.2.2719 for android devices.  In this version, there are many upgrades done as sharing of the files has improved how we can share large files by making use of this feature. There is an efficient page restoration feature provided to restore the closed pages. The main page of the opera browser acts as the best platform to know the trending and the latest news all over the world. This application provides synchronization between the devices, and it allows the device to access bookmarks, speed dials shortcuts on signing to account. This application will give the news based on your interest and the category that you choose, and you can set a favorite search engine.

Novel Features Of Opera Mini:

The following are some of the features that made opera mini browser novel, and they are the reason to lead success as the browser with millions of active users every day.

Facilitates Private Tabs:

Some of the users don’t want to let others see what they are surfing about in the browser, and some of the people want to keep their browsing history confidentially. This is the reason why opera mini is providing incognito tabs they will hide the browser history and it will not save any cookies and bookmarks which will preserve your browsing data safe.

Block Ads:

If you are being irritated with ads on the browser, you have all the flexibility to block the advertisements with which you felt uncomfortable. If you block any ad that will never post on the pages that you are browsing.

Night Mode:

By using this browser there is a feature that is available as night mode, which will allow the users to turn the night mode where there will be darkness in the night. To decrease the strain on the eyes, this night mode will help the users to brighten the screen glance in this browser by makes us feel free to make use of the device.

Can Navigate Between Pages:

We can open multiple pages at a time in the browser, and this browser will provide a facility to navigate between the pages based on your wish. You are allowed to have a page gallery.

Safe, Reliable, Trust Worthy:

The opera mini application is safe to use and even the search engines provide reliable information. This browser is trustworthy to make use of.

Permissions To Be Granted For Opera Mini Browser:

                    The permissions that need to be granted for the opera mini browser are as described below. The following are the permission that the opera mini browser wants to access from your device.

Collects IMEI Number:

To improve some of the software services the device will collect international mobile station equipment identity number.

Access To Pictures And Videos:

The opera browser will seek the permissions of the photos, videos in the device and it also allows the users to make use of camera option in the website to upload any file to the website and even existed files can also be uploaded.


 The opera browser will take access of the GPS and the device location to know which network is the device being used and the location to pop the ads related to the present location.

Access To Contacts:

The contacts on the device will be accessed by opera browser as it provides a chance to find your contacts in social media network as facebook by making use of the opera mini interface.

Keep Track Of History:

Opera browser will keep track of the pages that you are opening and save all the pages a history and you are allowed to view the pages that you visited in the history attribute.   

Read Bookmarks:

The mini opera browser will read all the bookmarks. If you login to opera accounts the bookmarks data will be stored in opera’s servers, or the data will be stored in opera mini client if the bookmarks imported into opera mini.

Access To Local File Storage:

Opera mini will access the local file storage to download the files from the web and manage them through its interface.

Read Contents From SD Card:

The opera mini will seek permissions from the SD card that’s connected to USB for downloading, managing files in the browser

Network Access:

The browser of opera mini will work on Wi-Fi and mobile data, so the access needs to grant. The network access requires to grant for sending and receiving requests from the opera mini server.

Control Over Flashlight:

Opera mini will allow the users to take a photo and upload them in the browser. The opera browser will ask for permission to access flashlight in the dark background; the browser will turn on the slash light to click a snap.

Access To Delete Cache Data:

The browser will delete the cache files to free the device space, which leads to boosting up the performance of the device.


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